The Slovak Academic Federation of Identities safeID makes it easier to offer shared services across the whole federation. This is accomplished by extending the scope of an electronic identity, issued by a federation member, to be valid across the whole federation.

SANET maintains the components necessary for operating the federation, serves as registrar for federation participants and offers support to participants regarding operational as well as security issues.

Federation members are organizations that have joined the federation by following the registration process and have thus agreed to be bound by the federation policy . Depending on their acting role, federation members bear responsibility for release of information about their end users and/or for offering services to the end users. These two roles are called:

  • an Identity Provider (IdP) – responsible for authenticating the users and managing end users’ identity data,
  • a Service Provider (SP) – responsible for operating and offering a service to the end users.


An organization meeting SANET membership conditions may become a federation member. Other organisations may join the federation acting solely as service providers. All membership applications will be considered by the governing body of the federation. More information about the membership is available in the how to join section.

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