The federation policy has three main parts: this document which describes governance, membership and scope. Further, a set of level of assurance profiles (none have been published so far) and a set of technology profiles. The level of assurance profiles and the technology profiles are described in separate documents. All these documents constitute the federation policy.

Technology Profiles

safeID SAML WebSSO Technology Profile is an Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI), based on SAML 2.0. SAML WebSSO in safeID means that a user can use an account issued by his/her home organization to log into a web service that is connected to the safeID identity federation.

eduroam (education roaming) is a worldwide cooperation in research and education to provide users with (usually) wireless Internet access at each other's participating organization premises. The users can access the Internet with credentials and configuration settings issued by their home organizations while in roaming. eduroam is an Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure (AAI) based on RADIUS and 802.1x standard.

Furthermore this practice statement is relevant within safeID:

safeID has applied for membership in the eduGAIN interfederation. Every member of the interfederation has to write and publish a Federation Metadata Registration Practice Statement. This is in order to support other federations in their judgment of whether to trust entities registered and exposed by a concerned federation.

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